Brick Walls Pulling Away – Cracked Brick & Mortar

When brick walls pull away, JSA of Atlanta is here to save the day with proper foundation repair and brick preservation.

JSA Foundation Repair can help you avoid the inconvenience and expense that occur when you must match and replace sections of brick that pull away or fracture.

Brick conservation and mortar repair, correct installation of the strongest foundation support products, and hiring one project contractor to do it all prevents Atlanta homeowners from spending thousands in unnecessary costs.

Failure of brick walls or garage center columns often points to larger structural problems caused by sinking foundation. This deeper issue can be revealed through unlevel or crooked walls that appear to:

  • Lean
  • Sag
  • Gap
  • Crack
  • Separate/pull away
  • Buckle
  • Bow/tilt inward

We can help you determine if cracked brick and mortar indicate minor cosmetic damage or serious underlying issues in your home, and we’ll suggest the appropriate steps to return it to original condition.

What Causes Brick Walls to Pull Away?

The majority of JSA’s customers experience foundation-related problems due to soil erosion and improperly compacted soil. The composition of Georgia’s clay is a great base for a home’s underpinning when it has been compacted appropriately at 95%, but clay can shrink with changes in temperature and moisture.

Other reasons walls may separate:

Wall Ties

  • Wall ties were not connected to the framing.
  • An insufficient number of wall ties were used, or they were positioned in the wrong location.


  • Independent footing was poured causing brick to settle away from the base.
  • Unreinforced footing (no rebar) was used, so the masonry ledge is missing.
  • The foundation was placed on fill dirt, creating voids and sinking ground.

Brick Mounted to the Roof/Plywood  

  • The masonry was laid on a non-supporting wall.
  • A steel lintel (beam) or angle iron was not attached to framing for load-bearing support.

Verified Best Methods to Level Sagging Brick

JSA is owned by a fourth-generation mason with expert knowledge in foundation and masonry repair. Our craftsmen know the time-tested and verified best techniques for stabilizing a home’s concrete underpinning and fixing damaged brick or stone walls and mortar.

Our #1 recommendation to permanently secure the footing is to install steel piers. We operate with top-of-the-line hydraulic equipment that allows us to:

  • Provide rapid installation of steel piers
  • Keep the landscape intact
  • Save you time & money

We stand out from the competition with unrivaled value and service. JSA has the expertise not only to quickly restore the foundation, but also to correct structural masonry imperfections all under one contractor.

When Maximum Support is Needed – Tiebacks/Wall Anchors

In some cases, installing steel beams against brick, stone, or retaining walls does not provide enough structural support. We may propose the use of a tieback/anchor method that involves pouring concrete a short distance behind the deteriorating wall to undisturbed soil.

This reinforced concrete incorporates steel that extends out from it and into the existing structure. We then utilize steel plates to lock everything in place. This reliable method was designed by engineers and is sometimes referred to as a seawall anchor.

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There are a lot of fly-by-night foundation repair companies around Atlanta. The first one I called (also with decent reviews on Angie's List) tried to gouge me for an extra $1,300. If you want it done right and at a fair price, give Scott at JSA a call. I am so glad I found him on Angie's List, he really treated me right. He's an honest, down-to-earth guy that delivers on what he says.
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