Repair Leaning Chimney – Fix Settling Fireplace

JSA Foundation Repair of Acworth offers unmatched service and price in Atlanta for foundation and leaning chimney repair.

Is your chimney leaning and cracking due to settling foundation or bad masonry?

This could end in serious consequences that affect your entire home. The angle degree transmits up the structure, so a small crack at the foundation could result in the upper funnel leaning a foot away from the home.

A chimney tilting toward the home tends to be a structural problem:

  • Steel was not placed on plate framing to support the brick
  • Smokestack was incorrectly built on plywood/roofing
  • Flashing leaks and may not have a cricket

A chimney leaning away from the home is often a foundation issue:

  • Footing settled from soil unable to support chimney weight
  • Missing or inadequate footing poured, unreinforced and/or thin concrete

Let the professionals at JSA help determine the exact cause of your shifting chimney, and we’ll provide the correct solution at the best value.

When to Call A Chimney Repair Expert

How can you tell if your home’s chimney is distressed? The following are visible signs that may alert homeowners to serious issues:

  • Missing or deteriorating mortar joints
  • Unusually large spacing between bricks
  • Roof damage where the flashing meets the chimney
  • Cracks in the footing
  • Voids filled with foam, caulk, or other material
  • Loose bricks or stone
  • Whole chimney leaning away from the house
  • Chimney tilting into the house

Another important warning sign is spalling, meaning the face of a brick is falling off. This consequence is due to excess moisture. Unfortunately, all compromised bricks must be matched and replaced with new ones. The structure will require waterproofing to prevent future damage.

A Guide to Chimney Types

Two types of chimneys are offered for homeowners, and many of today’s product advancements can make it difficult to detect a variation in materials.

Masonry Chimneys

Masonry chimneys are solid brick or natural stone and mortar constructed by a mason. The cost of materials and labor is typically more expensive than with the prefabricated options available today. This type can weigh tens of thousands of pounds. When the structure is improperly secured or built on unstable soil, weight and density will cause it to lean away from the home.

Prefabricated Chimneys

Prefabricated chimneys are engineered by a manufacturer, and framing is installed around them. Veneers such as brick, stone, or stucco are then added to give the appearance of solid masonry. The structure will slope toward the home if the veneer is affixed to the plywood roof instead of being properly attached to the wood framing with joists.

How We Fix Your Chimney

It’s safe to level a masonry chimney that leans and pulls away from the house as a unit if it remains intact. However, the interior firebox must be sealed where it shifted away from the interior wall.

JSA uses top brand hydraulic jacks to lift the chimney away from the roof and then return it to level position. We then cut through the roof to place durable steel down to the framing, providing full structural support.

Once the flue is plumb and straight, our skilled masons are able to restore brick and mortar to original condition.

Schedule a Professional Chimney Inspection

Call JSA today for a free review of your falling, leaning, tilting, or cracking chimney. We’ll provide an expert assessment and offer affordable services including foundation and masonry repair all under one contractor.

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