Garage Column Repair – Fix Sagging Lintel

Homeowners trust JSA Foundation Repair for expert restoration of sagging garage columns and lintels caused by foundation issues.

JSA Foundation Repair of Acworth provides unbeatable foundation and garage column lintel repair service.

We are a family-owned and family-operated company serving the Atlanta area for several generations.

We stand out from other Georgia competitors with unsurpassed skill mending foundations as well as structural masonry damage. We’re able to bundle both services under one contractor to give you optimal value.

Why Garage Footings Settle and Lintels Sag

Foundation problems may become noticeable in your garage’s exterior or interior through warning signs such as door gaps, cracked brick and mortar over doors, warped walls or floors, and separation between the doors and the ground.

Reasons center columns settle:

  • Brick was laid without the proper ledge/footing.
  • Inadequate soil led to settling foundation, causing masonry to shift and crack.
  • Ground voids allow water to collect beneath the concrete slab and erode it.

Reasons lintels (support beams) sag:

  • Bolts were not installed in the wood framing/LVL to secure the angle iron.
  • Incorrect lintel size and weight of brick/stonework cause the metal to bend.
  • The steel beam is missing, leaving only wood framing for masonry support.

Single Opening Garage vs. Multiple Opening Garage

Indicators of compression, cracking, or sinking of the property’s foundation are typically more visible in and around large openings. It’s important to recognize different problems that may arise with single versus double doors:

Garage Single Door

A two-car garage with a large single door can have stair-step cracks or gaps in the brick and mortar most often due to lack of support of the steel lintel. The wrong size lintel may have been used and cannot bear the weight of the opening and attached brick veneer. Addition of steel support beams and through-bolts driven into existing framing may be required along with restoration of the underpinning.

Garage Doors with Center Column

Two-car garage doors with a dividing pillar should have the proper footing to withstand the extra load from solid brick/stonework. Faulty foundations or incorrect material installation can lead to cracks and bulging. The concrete slab and structural masonry may need to be replaced, but steel pier reinforcement usually resolves settling and cracking of brick over garage doors.

Steps to Fix Settling Garage Columns & Bowing Lintels

Improper material installation and soil erosion are two of the top reasons separation occurs. Following the review of a garage entryway, we will recommend a time-tested and cost-effective remedy to permanently restore almost any structure to original condition.

We’ve developed a system to reinforce the support beam without removing it or tearing out masonry that’s difficult to match and replace. This saves homeowners time and expense.

Example of a JSA solution:

  1. Install a foundation bracket and drive steel piers into the bedrock for lasting stability.
  2. Lift the lintel while plumb leveling the column and brickwork with hydraulic jacks.
  3. Mount anchors to attach the angle iron to wood framing.
  4. Mend the existing brick and mortar.

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