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Metro Atlanta area competitors, we resolve these issues with the best solution the first time. Our proven methods and professional workmanship last for the life of your home.

JSA Foundation Repair is Atlanta’s trusted source for permanent foundation restoration and bowed wall repair.

JSA Foundation Repair saves customers thousands of dollars through dependable foundation restoration coupled with structural masonry repair. Unlike other Metro Atlanta area competitors, we resolve these issues with the best solution the first time. Our proven methods and professional workmanship last for the life of your home.

A noteworthy fact is that we’re able to restore almost any structure back to its original condition!

Save Time & Money with One Contractor

There’s no need to hire separate contractors to fix secondary problems that can be caused by foundation failure. Mending masonry is a separate skill from foundation repair, and we don’t know any other companies who are able to combine both projects into one job like JSA.

Owner J. Scott Anglin is a fourth-generation masonry craftsman who works on every jobsite alongside crew members. Scott says, “Our employees have been with us for many years and are willing to go the extra mile to make it look like your home never had a problem.”

We have the knowledge and expertise to quickly restore your concrete foundation while also fixing related structural issues such as:

  • Cracked Brick & Mortar
  • Sagging Garage Lintels
  • Failing Brick Ledges
  • Basement Wall Supports
  • Leaning Chimneys

When to Invest in Your Home’s Foundation

A home’s foundation that was improperly installed, sits in a negative slope landscape, or suffers from plumbing leaks will eventually crack. Older houses built prior to modern construction codes may need expensive updates to endure successfully.

Restoring your home’s condition is a valuable investment. Long-term neglect can result in serious complications leading to warped or sinking floors, weakened support beams, and even basement wall collapse.

Some potential warning signs of structural damage include:

  • Detached or bowed walls
  • Cracks in brick ledges, floors, or walls
  • Separation around house or garage windows and doors
  • Standing water around the house
  • Sloping chimney
  • Cracks around stair steps and porches
  • Sagging brick or stone around garage lintels

Our Preferred Solution to Your Foundation Problems

First, JSA will perform an inspection to verify that the foundation is the source of the problem. If so, we will recommend installing steel push piers to stabilize the base instead of alternatives like pressure grouting, liquid grouting, or helical (compression) piers. Those last three options are not permanent solutions and will cost you more time and money when they fail.

Unlike the average contractor, we’re able to correct structural masonry imperfections alongside the foundation restoration.

Benefits of using steel push piers:

  • Permanent stabilization
  • Cost-efficient lifetime solution
  • Landscape stays intact
  • Quick & easy installation

We Guarantee Excellence in Service & Warranty

We promise the best service and a job completed to your satisfaction. You can feel secure knowing that our work is performed using top brand hydraulic products and backed by quality assurance:

Trusted Brands

  • Parker and Enerpac Hydraulic Pump Lift Pier Systems – global market leader in high pressure hydraulic tools
  • B & J Custom Hydraulic Cylinders – extremely durable, high grade materials for maximum load-bearing support

Warranty Protection

JSA offers life of the structure warranty available for most foundation repairs.

Insured Employees

Our crew members are covered under the State of Georgia Workers’ Compensation Insurance and general liability insurance.

Schedule an Atlanta Foundation Repair Consultation

Contact JSA today for a free quote on your foundation repair needs, and we’ll be happy to schedule a detailed on-site assessment with our experts. We look forward to helping your home gain permanent stability.

I am 100% satisfied with the work they did. I selected JSA based on reviews here on Angie's List. Reviewers commented on the outstanding quality of their work, and I agree. I could not be happier with the way the job went and the appearance of the finished work. You literally cannot tell that there were ever any cracks or gaps in the masonry. I HIGHLY recommend JSA Masonry & Foundation Specialists!
Milton Martin

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