Repair Sinking Footings – Deck/Addition Repair

JSA Foundation Repair saves homeowners money with fast expert repair of sinking footings and settling foundations that damage decks or other additions.

JSA Foundation Repair is Atlanta’s leading contractor for restoration of settling footings and unlevel decks.

When damage is caught early enough, sinking decks and other additions such as concrete patios, wood porch decks, sunrooms, and bay windows pulling away can be returned to their original elevation and condition.

Emerging foundation issues and structural problems can be exposed through sinking columns and separating decks that are:

  • Detaching/pulling away
  • Sagging
  • Tilting/leaning
  • Warping

When footings beneath deck posts settle, they can pull down the entire deck. JSA can implement the proper support materials at an affordable cost so you can continue safely entertaining guests in your outdoor living space.

Environmental Factors weaken the Home’s Foundation

Foundations can be weakened by many different sources, but their main enemy is unstable soil. Georgia’s soil has large amounts of clay and/or silt that contracts when dry and expands when moist. As soil shrinks under concrete footings, unsupported sections settle and crack.

Water also has the power to erode soil, and improper drainage creates ground voids that lead to a sinking foundation.

Common environmental causes that destroy footing and decks include:

Extreme Weather Conditions

Long periods of drought or heavy accumulated rainfall can wreak damage by shrinking and expanding the soil beneath a home’s underpinning. This results in ground voids and cracking concrete.

Negative Slope

The property surrounding your house slopes or angles toward it creating water puddles around the home’s base, particularly during heavy rainfall. The soil can loosen and erode over time causing your foundation to sink and crack.

Reasons Support Posts Fail & Decks Sag

Many foundation problems begin with small cracks in exterior masonry walls. Porches, patios, decks, steps, chimneys, basement walls, and other exterior structures tend to display warning signs before other areas of the home.

Reasons for declining support columns and sagging decks:

  • Steel posts rust and fail because of deficient protective coating
  • Wood posts rot due to lack of pressure treatment and/or direct contact with soil
  • Columns installed directly on dirt with no concrete foundation
  • Insufficient (thin) concrete isn’t strong enough to support structure’s weight
  • No steel support or rebar used to reinforce foundation
  • Poorly compacted soil; footing not laid on original soil
  • Drain pipe directs water run-off into support areas and softens the soil

When posts sink into the ground your deck may become unsafe to use, and it could even collapse. JSA can repair the footing and permanently stabilize the deck for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Reliable Solutions to Fix Your Deck or Addition

The most cost-effective, trusted, and long-term solution to stabilize settling foundations on rocky or clay soil is deep-driven steel piers, or piles.

  1. Steel piers are pressed through unstable soil down to a solid bedrock in strategic areas along the foundation.
  2. The piers are attached to the footing with custom high carbon steel brackets designed specifically for each application.
  3. Heavy-duty hydraulic jacks are used to raise and level the deck, porch, or patio.
  4. Metal braces are then bolted into place, permanently securing the structure.

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Eroding soil and sinking foundations make decks unlevel and unusable for your family and friends. Don’t wait until conditions are irreparable to call JSA for a complimentary consultation.

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