Commercial & Real Estate Foundation Repair

When foundation damage occurs at your commercial or real estate property, rely on JSA Foundation Repair of Acworth to restore it for a lifetime.

Do you own or manage a commercial or real estate property that’s showing signs of foundation failure?

Don’t wait to call our foundation experts so you can prevent further damage and avoid increased expense later.

Older units and homes are great to use as commercial locations but may develop cracked footings, sloping floors, gaps in wall seams, sticking doors or windows, and crawlspace issues. If action is taken when warning signs appear, buildings can often be saved instead of torn down.

JSA Foundation Repair of Acworth has the credentials and decades of experience to permanently fix almost any type of foundation and related masonry problems for:

  • Office buildings
  • Apartment complexes
  • Multi-unit housing
  • Retail spaces
  • Entrance walls
  • HOA’s (Homeowners’ Associations)
  • Real estate properties
  • Gated entrance columns
  • Pavilions
  • Amphitheaters
  • Gazebos
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Historic buildings
  • Warehouses

Feel Secure with JSA’s Commercial Foundation Repair

Atlanta area foundations are vulnerable to sinking and settling whether from poor construction or shifting soil conditions. JSA will quickly find the root of the problem and install a long-term, cost-efficient solution in as little as 1-2 business days.

We guarantee to work closely with each business owner, property manager, and real estate agent to ensure the job is completed to your satisfaction.

Enduring Products

We use only high-grade steel push piers and other materials created to stand the test of time.

Brands You Can Count On

  • Parker and Enerpac Hydraulic Pump Lift Pier Systems– global market leader in high pressure hydraulic tools
  • B & J Custom Hydraulic Cylinders – high grade materials for maximum load-bearing support & durability

Employee Insurance Coverage

State of Georgia Workers’ Compensation Insurance and general liability insurance cover all our crew members.

Identify Crawlspace Problems Early

Many crawlspaces hold HVAC ducts and plumbing pipes due to easy accessibility and maintenance. Crawlspaces are a less expensive option to construct than basement slabs, but they are typically recommended for dryer climates due to issues caused by moisture.

Indicators of a distressed crawlspace may include:

  • Puddles form due to poor drainage
  • Moisture and humidity from inadequate ventilation
  • Pest infestation
  • Sloping or uneven floors
  • Interior wall cracks
  • Foul odors seeping up from the floor into the home/business

Crawlspace problems should be amended as early as possible because excess moisture may lead to serious consequences such as rotting wood floor joists or growth of mold spores and mildew that can affect the health and safety of the structure’s occupants. JSA can make the necessary repairs to keep your crawlspace in great shape.

When Entrance Retaining Walls Need Repair

Many businesses rely on entrance sign retaining walls to display the brand name and direct visitors to the correct location. Weather and soil erosion promote sinking and deterioration of entrance walls like those used for apartment complexes, subdivisions, HOA’s, retail stores, churches, parks, and corporations.

It’s important to keep commercial entrances in excellent condition, so JSA offers a lasting, economical solution:

  • Use hydraulic jacks to lift & level the retaining wall
  • Add steel support system
  • Fix damaged masonry/mortar
  • Leave landscaping undisturbed

Save Money with the All-in-one Foundation & Masonry Contractor

Don’t hire multiple contractors when you can hire just one to do the job right the first time. Masonry work is a different skill set than foundation repair, and other companies just aren’t equipped to handle both areas like JSA.

Our company owner, J. Scott Anglin, is a fourth-generation masonry and foundation restoration expert who works on most jobsites beside his highly-trained crew members.

We’ll rapidly level and repair the concrete slab while fixing related problems such as:

  • Cracked masonry (brick/stonework) & mortar
  • Sagging or bowing walls
  • Deteriorating ledges
  • Sinking steps
  • Tilting chimneys

We’re dedicated to the client. Once our crew begins a job for you, we work consistently on the project until completion and finish most jobs in just 1-2 business days.

Commercial/Real Estate Property Foundation Consultation

Contact JSA today for a free diagnosis of foundation issues on your commercial or real estate property. We’ll suggest the best repair method at an affordable price for the long-term structural stability of your business.

Thanks so much for everything, it was indeed a pleasure doing business with you. Again, I am delighted with the customer service, your professionalism in identifying and explaining the cause of the potential underlying structural problem, and quality of the masonry work done to fix it. I would be happy to recommend your services to others if requested. Thanks again.

Elaine York

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