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How Much Does Atlanta Foundation Repair Cost?

By July 19, 2018Blog

If you want a quick answer to this question, you’re generally looking at between a couple thousand to over $10,000, or even more.

That’s a broad range, but without actually examining the problem firsthand, that’s what you’re looking at. To get an accurate idea of the cost of cracked foundation repair in Atlanta, we have to come out and take a look. Also, keep in mind that while you might think you have foundation problems, sometimes we take a close look and find that really the problem is a structural issue unrelated to your foundation.

Factors Affecting Cost of Atlanta Foundation Repair

Many factors affect the cost of repairing your home’s foundation. You’d think repairing a foundation is fairly simple and straightforward, but there’s much more work to it than you realize.

That leads me to the first foundation repair factor affecting cost:

  • Extent of the problem – When we inspect your foundation, we’re going to look to see how extensive the problem is. If it affects just one side of the foundation, that’s generally going to run a few thousand bucks. If all sides require repair, the entire job can run well over $10,000. We price specifically based on the number of steel piers and amount of masonry repair we have to install in your home’s foundation.
  • Method of repair – Now here’s where you have to be very, very careful. Some contractors will tell you it only takes a few hundred dollars to repair a crack in your foundation. They’re right, but only if the crack is a cosmetic issue. In that case, you can have it patched.

But, if it’s a structural issue, that’s where the real foundation repair work comes in. What you have to be careful for is that the problem is accurately diagnosed. Many contractors get fooled into thinking the foundation crack is only a cosmetic one, and that misjudgment primarily arises due to inexperience.

That’s why it’s a good idea to at least give JSA a call and have us look at the issue. We’ve built and repaired foundations for 27 years, so we know how to determine if you have a serious structural problem or a less threatening cosmetic one.

  • Whether your brick or masonry is cracking too – If this is the case, your brick and masonry has to be repaired at the same time as your foundation. That can get quite expensive if you need it repaired too.

Here’s where JSA really stands out from other foundation repair contractors in Atlanta: we make both the foundation and masonry repairs you need. It’s tough to find another contractor who does the same. In most cases, they’ll have you call someone else to do the masonry repair.

If you let us do both jobs, we can usually save you around $1,000 (usually around 75% off the typical mason’s price) or so on the cost of the typical job. If you have a stucco or stone house, these costs can shoot up and become very high, but we can still help you save versus the typical contractor. And, you don’t have to call and search for another contractor. Keep in mind our repairs are permanent too, so you’ll only have to pay for them once for the life of your home.

  • Ease of access to your foundation – Does your lot slope? Is it fairly easy to get our equipment into the right areas? The easier it is to do these two things, the lower the cost for you.
  • Previous work by other contractors – Hopefully, we were the first ones you decided to call. But, if that didn’t happen, or if you bought a house with foundation repairs already in place, it may be necessary for us to cut out the repairs made by other contractors so we can get the job done right.
  • The type of repair your contractor recommends – If you choose to talk to multiple contractors about repairing your Atlanta foundation, which is the wise thing to do, you’ll get a number of suggestions for the best repair approach to take. They might recommend pressure or liquid grouting or installation of helical piers. The problem with those approaches is that none are permanent. You’ll have to call your contractor back every few years to perform the repairs again, or in the case of helical piers, drive them into the ground a little further.

Why JSA Recommends Steel Push Piers

99% of the time, we’re going to recommend steel push piers be used to stabilize your home’s foundation, if that’s the real problem. We use steel push piers to repair your foundation because they’re:

  • Permanent – They last the entire life of your home and we only have to come once. Other repair methods can require multiple visitors from your contractor.
  • Cost-Effective – You pay for steel piers one time, and that’s it. Helical piers can require multiple contractor visits. Pressure or liquid grouting only repair the cosmetic issue presented by cracks. Eventually, you’ll have to pay to have the foundation’s structure repaired.
  • Fast and easy to install – We won’t have to bring in heavy equipment that tears up your yard. A hydraulic press is relatively small, and all we have to do is dig holes beneath your foundation and use the press to insert the piers.

You can check out how we install them in this video:

Why JSA’s Atlanta Foundation Repairs Cost Less

Sometimes, when you see lower pricing, you’re tempted to think that means lower quality. At JSA, we do price lower than the competition, but that’s because we:

  • Repair your masonry and foundation – No other contractor offering sinking foundation repair in Atlanta can say the same. Masonry repairs usually make up the bulk of your cost, but 27 years of experience has taught us how to make them so they match your home’s existing masonry.
  • Have experience installing steel piers – Once we install steel piers to help support your foundation and make any necessary masonry repairs, the job is done. You never see us again. It takes years of experience to know how to repair a foundation with steel piers so that it never needs to be repaired again.
  • Our repairs last forever – If you use the services of an inexperienced contractor, their repairs, even if they use steel piers, have a good chance of just lasting a few years. You could end up paying $5,000 to make the repair now, and then another $7,000 – $10,000 to have the repair cut out and done right in another 5-10 years.
  • We save the original structure – Your contractor may recommend part of your home to be torn down so that he can make the necessary repairs. Most of the time, that’s not necessary. In almost every case, we can preserve your home’s existing structure. Not only is that cleaner and neater, but it saves you serious cash too.

If you need a quality foundation repair company in Atlanta, and just once during the life of your home, contact JSA Specialists online, or call us at 404-680-1525.