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For foundation repairs and structural mortar repair, JSA is here to save the day and save you money – doing the job right the first time.

We can handle any type of settling or sinking foundation repair in Johns Creek that you can imagine.

In business since 1995, we can give your foundation the firm base it needs to permanently stay in good shape. If your house has cracked mortar joints, stone, stucco, or concrete siding, you can count on it looking just like new once we’ve completed your foundation repairs.

Repairing your home’s foundation, while keeping the rest of it cosmetically intact is a skill requiring years of experience to do well. Many inexperienced contractors may recommend you have part of your home torn down in order to perform the foundation repair. Others will ask you to call a mason to make any of the cosmetic repairs needed once the foundation work is done.

At JSA Specialists, we can make the foundation repair and take care of the cosmetic repair of your masonry. On the average job, we save you more than $1,000 versus calling separate contractors, and this is a skill that has taken more of 27 years of experience for us to master.

Over 25 Years of Experience Offering Foundation Repair in Johns Creek

Few contractors offer Johns Creek foundation repair services with the idea of permanently repairing the foundation in mind. Many implement quick, profitable solutions that require contractors to fix the repair again within just a few years. These contractors also may not understand the true problem: something’s wrong with the structure of your foundation.

At JSA Specialists, we have more than 27 years of professional experience building and repairing foundations throughout the Johns Creek area. This knowledge allows us to provide a more effective solution for repairing your home’s foundation. We believe in using steel piers, which provide a permanent, cost-effective solution.

These steel piers are inserted into the structure of your home’s foundation, making it strong and stable for the rest of the life of your home. Other solutions include helical piers, but they require the use of heavy equipment, which can severely damage your landscape, and they may need additional adjustment from your contractor every few years or so. Once we insert steel piers into your foundation, you never have to call us back.

Questions to Ask a Foundatin Repair Contactor

Can you preserve the exterior of your home even if you need Johns Creek foundation repair?

In most cases you can, but most contractors won’t tell you that. In many situations, this is due to inexperience. However, before you pay thousands to have your foundation repaired and part of your house torn down to have the repair performed, contact JSA Specialists. We have 27 years of experience repairing every kind of cracked foundation in Johns Creek and have found that most of the time, the job doesn’t need to include tearing down part of your home.

We take the approach of installing steel piers into the structure of your foundation. In most cases, that does not require any additional work on your home. We simply dig holes so we can access your home’s foundation and then use a hydraulic press to drive the piers in.

Not only does your home’s exterior remain in the same condition, but you save thousands of dollars by not having to do the work to repair it again. And, steel piers keep your foundation strong and stable for the rest of your home’s lifetime.

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Do you have an expensive foundation repair, but you’re a little short on cash to do it? At JSA Specialists we put our 27 years of experience to use, helping you find the best long-term and most cost-effective method of repairing your foundation.

What your existing contractor is telling you may not actually be the case. We have 27 years of experience building and repairing foundations in the Johns Creek area, and we know how to perform the repair in a cost-effective way. You probably don’t need to tear down part of your home to fix the foundation. Most likely, you can use steel piers, which are affordable and easy to install.

Our Johns Creek foundation repairs are permanent because steel piers, when installed properly, last the entire life of your home. If the job does cost $10,000 or more, we put you in control – you don’t have to pay any deposit for us to start work. Contact us online today, or call 404-680-1525 if you need foundation repair in Johns Creek!

Thanks so much for everything, it was indeed a pleasure doing business with you. Again, I am delighted with the customer service, your professionalism in identifying and explaining the cause of the potential underlying structural problem, and quality of the masonry work done to fix it. I would be happy to recommend your services to others if requested. Thanks again.

Elaine York

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