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For foundation repairs and structural mortar repair, JSA is here to save the day and save you money – doing the job right the first time.

If you need a cracked foundation repaired in Norcross, JSA Specialists has the best long-term solution to your problem.

Founded in 1995 by Scott Anglin, the 4th generation of his family to specialize in foundation repair, JSA serves homeowners throughout the Atlanta area. You will receive a cost-effective, permanent solution that doesn’t require any part of your house to be torn down.

Even though a degree isn’t required to run most types of businesses, our owner, Scott Anglin, got his from the University of West Georgia, majoring in business management and minoring in psychology. A degree was required to be successful, as successfully running a business requires wearing many hats at once.

At JSA Specialists, we believe in establishing clear communication with all clients. We pride ourselves in doing exactly what we say we are going to do.

When we come out for your free estimate, you will learn the true nature of the problems you currently notice in your home. Even though you may have cracks in your brick or caulk, the real problem may not be the foundation. It takes years of experience to accurately diagnose the true cause of the problem, and we have more than 27 years of experience repairing foundations.

Permanent Norcross Foundation Repairs

Few contractors offer Norcross foundation repair services with the idea of permanently repairing the foundation in mind. Many implement quick, profitable solutions that require contractors to fix the repair again within just a few years. These contractors also may not understand the true problem: something’s wrong with the structure of your foundation.

At JSA Specialists, we have more than 27 years of professional experience building and repairing foundations throughout the Norcross area. This knowledge allows us to provide a more effective solution for repairing your home’s foundation. We believe in using steel piers, which provide a permanent, cost-effective solution.

These steel piers are inserted into the structure of your home’s foundation, making it strong and stable for the rest of the life of your home. Other solutions include helical piers, but they require the use of heavy equipment, which can severely damage your landscape, and they may need additional adjustment from your contractor every few years or so. Once we insert steel piers into your foundation, you never have to call us back.

How Do You Know You Need Foundation Repair?

What causes your home to eventually need Norcross cracked foundation repair?

The true cause can be due to several reasons:
1- A contractor who did not properly compact the soil before pouring the foundation – it should be 95% compact
2- Your home is built on top of an old, unfirm trash pit
3- Extreme weather conditions, such as drought or rain, which cause the soil to become softer, allow your foundation to settle more than it should
4- Homes built on land where the slope points toward the home (called a negative slope), causing water to run towards the foundation and soften the soil

Whatever the situation is, at JSA Specialists we can help you understand the true cause of your foundation problems and identify a permanent solution for keeping your foundation strong and stable. It takes years of experience to know the difference between a purely cosmetic crack in your masonry and serious structural damage present in your foundation.

Our own, J. Scott Anglin, has more than 27 years of experience building and repairing foundation problems of all kinds and can help you accurately identify the true problem present in yours.

Norcross Foundation Repair Experts

If something around your home breaks, wouldn’t you just love for it to be fixed permanently? Think of your car, computer, or any of your major appliances. You use most of them for only 5 years, while others you might use around a decade or so. With most things, using them permanently simply isn’t possible.

But, when it comes to Norcross settling foundation repair, it’s not only possible, it’s typical.

Many contractors will tell you it’s not, but at JSA Specialists we have 27 years of experience repairing foundations throughout the Norcross area. They’ll talk to you about a variety of repair approaches, but the one we use – steel piers – works for life and we give you a warranty to back that claim up. Only highly experienced foundation repair professionals can accurately assess foundation problems and ensure correct steel pier installation.

Other solutions may require multiple visits from contractors. Over the years, all those costs add up significantly, ultimately costing you much more than is necessary.

With JSA, you see us just once. Contact us at 404-680-1525 if you would like a permanent, cost-effective foundation repair.

Thanks so much for everything, it was indeed a pleasure doing business with you. Again, I am delighted with the customer service, your professionalism in identifying and explaining the cause of the potential underlying structural problem, and quality of the masonry work done to fix it. I would be happy to recommend your services to others if requested. Thanks again.

Elaine York

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