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For foundation repairs and structural mortar repair, JSA is here to save the day and save you money – doing the job right the first time.

How can you trust JSA Specialists to handle your Woodstock foundation repair services?

The first answer is we don’t subcontract anything unless it’s a job too big for us to handle. All of the work is performed by our experienced employees. If the services of a subcontractor are required, we have longstanding relationships built with area subcontractors, so you are guaranteed high-quality work. Foundation problems? JSA is on the way!

Woodstock Foundation Repair Company

Do you think your foundation needs repair? That’s difficult to tell, unless you’re a professional with 27 years of experience like JSA Specialists’ owner Scott Anglin. If you notice your foundation walls have cracks or are bending slightly, you may need Woodstock foundation repair services. Waiting to repair your foundation until later on will make it more expensive. We offer free estimates, so why not have us stop on out and help you understand the real state of your foundation?

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How many Woodstock foundation repair contractors do you know that start work without any deposit? JSA Specialists does, and we require no deposits for any jobs estimated to cost $10,000 or less. It’s just one of many things we do to earn your trust. We also provide minor repairs and alterations to your project at no additional cost.

Our owner, Scott Anglin, learned from his father to build successful, long-term relationships with customers. That’s part of what has allowed us to stay in business since 1995.

Thanks so much for everything, it was indeed a pleasure doing business with you. Again, I am delighted with the customer service, your professionalism in identifying and explaining the cause of the potential underlying structural problem, and quality of the masonry work done to fix it. I would be happy to recommend your services to others if requested. Thanks again.

Elaine York

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